Hats. Bags. Scarves.

We zijn terug open volgens onze normale openingsuren in de Adegemstraat 3!

di & vrij 13-18u
woe & zat 10-18u
andere dagen op afspraak - 0476 47 04 49

100% handmade in Belgium

Atypical styles made in Belgium

The story

Quirky but always in-style

Structures, patterns, textures and high-quality materials are a fascination at Awardt.Together with a passion for hats, bags and scarfs, we've created a 100% Belgian brand of handmade accessories with an eye for flair, uniqueness and quirks. And we still have some tricks up our sleeves. The many years of experience and driven craftmanship result in original and timeless pieces for women of all ages. That's how we create distinctive bags for willful, fearless women.

A Belgian twist on atypical fashion

You’re the woman who knows what she wants. Big dreams don’t scare you. In fact, they push you to be bolder. You know what makes you you and are not afraid to show it. At Awardt, we encourage you with the right accessories. As a Belgian female-powered brand, we'll make sure you have the right, atypical bag, hat or scarf to match your unique soul.

The team

Els & Wies #founders

Olivia #coworker

Kaat & Marie #jobstudents

Irja & Evy #flexi-jobbers

Selling points


Bonheiden - Verona - Rijmenamseweg 94
Brugge - L’heroine - Noordzandstraat 32
Brussel - Arbre Mandarine - Kartuizerstraat 48
Geel - Bellini - Stationsstraat 6
Korbeek-Lo - Carmi - Tiensesteenweg 8
Leuven - Portobello - Bondgenotenlaan 16

Mechelen - A WARD/T - Adegemstraat 3

Mechelen - Harlekijn - O.L.Vrouwestraat 119
Ronse - Passion ronse - Wijnstraat 58
Sint-Truiden - Lederwaren Elsy - Sint-Maartenplein 8
Wolvertem - Schoenen Odill - Stationsstraat 10
Zemst - Carmi - Brusselsesteenweg 129


Mechelen - AWARD/T - Adegemstraat 3



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